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Privacy Policy


SBI (Mauritius) Ltd has emerged as a strong bank after the amalgamation of Indian Ocean International Bank Ltd with SBI International (Mauritius) Ltd, both subsidiaries of State Bank of India, the largest Commercial Bank of India  The bank is having fully integrated 11 branches in major cities/towns of the country including Rodrigues and 10 ATMs at different locations.

The Bank operates in both offshore as well as domestic sector offering products and services in Corporate, Retail and Personal Segment.  The products have been designed, keeping in view the needs of different segments of society and are available at competitive pricing.

 SBI (Mauritius) Ltd`s core values are Integrity, Customer Care and sound Corporate Governance apart from following Best International Practices.  The Bank is committed to be a responsible corporate citizen and a significant player in the Mauritian Banking Sector.

. In SBI (Mauritius) Ltd is synonymous with trust and security. In line with recognized International Practice and for the information of customers and others who visit the Bank’s website we believe it is necessary to post a privacy statement. The information shared with the Bank will be treated as private. We also desire to say explicitly that adequate precautions have been taken to protect information relating to customers and their dealings with the Bank from the mischievous and the fraudsters. Customer confidentiality and privacy is of utmost concern to SBI (Mauritius) Ltd. Our employees treat the information we have concerning your accounts in the same responsible and confidential way that we want our own financial affairs treated.

Recognition of your expectation of privacy:

        We recognize that our customers expect privacy and security for their personal and financial affairs. We understand that, by selecting us for your banking needs, you have entrusted us to safeguard your personal financial information. We want you to be informed of our commitment to protect the privacy of your personal financial information with the following privacy principles and practices.

What personally identifiable information is collected from you?

         We collect information from you regarding name, addresses, email addresses, passport number, Income, National Identity Card No., details of nominees etc.


         A cookie is a data file that certain Web sites write to your computer's hard drive when you visit such sites. A cookie file can contain information such as a user identification code that the site uses to track the pages you have visited and use the information commercially. We do not use cookies on our web site.

How we use, collect, and retain customer information:

        On our site we collect, retain, and use information about you only when we reasonably believe that it will help administer our business or provide products, services, and other opportunities to you. We collect and retain information about you only for specific business purposes.

We use information to:

         Open and administer your accounts and to protect your records and funds. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations . Help us design or improve our products and services for your benefit. Understand your financial needs so that we can provide you with quality products and superior service. Comply with laws, guidelines and regulations that govern the financial services in the country. To quote examples we need to obtain Passport number for A/c of Non Resident Mauritian & National Identity Card No for deposit accounts in respect of resident customers.

How we keep customer information accurate

         It is in your interest, and it is our objective, to have accurate, current, and complete information concerning you and your accounts. We have strict procedures that our employees abide by to meet this objective. While some procedures are required by laws of the country or Bank of Mauritius regulations, we have implemented additional procedures to maintain accurate, current, and complete financial information, including processes to update information and remove outdated information. If you believe that we have incorrect information about you or your accounts, please email us through the feedback mechanism provided on the website or modify the profile information on the site as permissible. We will correct any erroneous information as quickly as possible.

How we limit access to customer information by our employees

         We have procedures that limit access to personally identifiable information to those employees with a business reason for knowing such information about you. We educate our employees on their responsibility to protect the confidentiality of customer information, and hold them accountable if they violate this privacy policy.

Our security procedures to protect customer information

         We follow best security practices to help prevent unauthorized access to confidential information about you.

How we restrict the disclosure of customer information

         SBI (Mauritius) Ltd does not release customer information except as directed by law or as per your mandate. We do not share specific information about customer accounts or other personally identifiable data with nonaffiliated third parties for their independent use unless: the information is provided to help complete a transaction initiated by you; you request or authorize it; the disclosure is required by/or directed by law; or you have been informed about the possibility of such disclosure for marketing or similar purposes through a prior communication and have been given the opportunity to decline.

Disclosing our privacy commitment to you

         We want you to understand our commitment to personal privacy and have formulated this privacy policy. This privacy policy is provided to: a potential customer who inquires about our products and services or who would like a copy of our privacy policy , a customer who has established a relationship with us, a potential customer who has applied for a loan, or a visitor to SBI (Mauritius) Ltd's web site If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please send e-mail to us at or write to us at 34, Sir William Newton Street, P.O. Box 863 Port Louis, Mauritius..

Other information about our web site

Customers using SBI (Mauritius) Ltd's Internet Banking Service.

         For customers using our SBI (Mauritius) Ltd Internet Banking, all visitor information is collected along with any information that you volunteer as a customer while using SBI (Mauritius) Ltd's web site.

Links to, or from, SBI (Mauritius) Ltd's web site.

         SBI (Mauritius) Ltd is not responsible for information practices employed by web sites linked with our web site. Generally, links to non-SBI (Mauritius) Ltd web sites are provided solely as pointers to information on topics that may be useful to users of SBI (Mauritius) Ltd's web site.

Encrypted information.

         Information provided by you on SBI (Mauritius) Ltd's web site is encrypted or scrambled in order to secure information. Privacy policy is subject to change periodically.